Michael O’Connor


    2013-15      AMCH.  Masters Choreography. AHK.

2000-05      BFA Modern Dance, University of Utah.


Focus MA Choreography: Cognitive Science and dance practice.

       Love, metaphor and empathy through a neuroscience perspective.

       Metaphor through cognitive linguists, Metaphorical objects.

       Post-contact improvisation/ Improvisation.

       Dynamic system and complexity theories in dance practice.

Skills BFA Dance: Daily technique classes (release, contemporary, floorwork, graham) and an extensive composition and improvisation program. Training in dance kinesiology, dance history, philosophy, criticism, theater and video production, music for dance, teaching skills (2 semesters integrated in school systems), dance repertory and interactive arts and media (visual and audio art). Additional courses in upper-levelwriting, fitness, sociology, sign language, feldenkrais.



       2015      Moving Around X: the x of y. DansMakers. Amsterdam. (duet).

       2014      •  Moving Around X. Mo.ë. Wien. (duet)

         • TERTIARY. 8:Tension. ImpulsTanz.

       2013      TERTIARY. Premiere RAUM33 Wien. May 30. (trio).

       2012     •  The Gay Ol’ Sixties.

                     •  A General Theory of Love. Premiere April.WUK-Burgenland TanzTage. (duet).

       2011      •  NEWS (Adaptation) choreography- Deborah Hay. ImpulsTanz (solo).

         •  Your are the subject of my seeing. Premiere TQW. (solo)

  2010-11      •   Jai Jai Drag performances. Viper Room/ TQW. Wien (Trio).

       2008      •   a waiting dog dies. BRUT. Imagetanz, solo choreographed and performed.

(Ballettanz Magazine Yearbook edition 2008 “young dancer to watch” in Vienna)

•   Gimme more Delsarte. Tanzmuseum, Szene Salzburg. Austria. (solo).

                     •   The PArk. Self produced evening concert. Sugar Space. Salt Lake City, Utah.

       2006      •   ONLY. Women’s Art Center, Premiere May. (2 hour trio).

         •   So it is. Set on BrownRice: dance company. Salt Lake City, Utah. (duet).


during university BFA

       2004      • Dear Eveylyn.  Experimental Theatre. University of Utah. (quartet).

                     •   So it is. Senior Graduation piece.

       2003      •  Jazz Club. Student Concert

       2002      •  Rush. Student Concert.

Performance:  (professional for other choreographers)

        2013     •  David Zambrano.  Tierras Enamoradas. Garage29, Bruxelles, Belgium.

        2011     • George Blaschke. Somatic Script. Odeon.Vienna, Austria.

         •  Deborah Hay. NEWS. Adaptation. Premiere ImpulsTanz.


        2010     •  Augusto Corrieri. Photographs of a dance rehearsal. TQW.

2003-2010   •  Cie. Wili Dorner.  Vienna, Austria.  Full employed company member.

                 Rehearsal director, artistic assistant, performer. Performed in many stage works over years and helped to create and install Bodies in Urban Spaces in over 30 cities.

[…]. Hängende Gärten. Bodies in Urban Spaces. Inbetween.

Anywhere, nowhere, somewhere. Dolly and Me. Above under inbetween.

         2009    •  Barbara Kraus Auf Teufel, komm raus! BRUT. Vienna Austria.

2008•  Paul Wenninger. Tubed.  Vienna, Austria.

         2006    •  Deborah HayNEWS. Solo Performance Commissioning Project, Findhorn, Scotland.

         2004    •  Alain Buffard. Mauvais Genre. Impulstanz.

    2002-03    •  Chia-Chi Chang. Silesian International Performance Festival. Bytom, Poland.

         2001    •  Sean Curran. Performing Dance Company.

         •  Honya Holm. Kindertotenleider Reconstruction. NYC Legacy Concert.


     2016     Den Danske Scenekunstskole. Creative Practice, Metaphor Workshop, Release Technique, Post/Contact Improv

     2015     •  HfMDK. Creative Master class.

                  •  TanzLabor 21. Frankfurt. Release Technique professional training.

                  •  IDOCDE. ImpulsTanz. Masters Research master class.

2013-15     •  SNDO.  Basic Composition. Release Technique. Choreographic Tools.

     2014     •   Henny Juriens Foundation. Amsterdam. Release Technique.

     2014     •   Marameo. Berlin. Release Technique

2009-16     •  Field Method Wien. . TQW. Facilitator for the feedback method Fieldwork.

     2012     •  Field Day. Istanbul, Turkey. Special Issue Workshop Series

     2012       Theatre Combinat/Claudia Bosse. Company contact training.

                  •  ImpulsTanz. Technologies of Love. 4hr extended workshop. 

                •  Arizona State University. Guest Artist Faculty. Creative practice & Technique.

    2011       •   SEAD. Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. Guest teacher. Contact.

           •   FieldDay. WUK. Kiosk 59 festival. One day feedback method workshop.

  2008-10      •  cie.W Dorner. Company class and international workshop auditions.

ie. Dance Umbrella, LaRaffenerie, Tanz im August, Linz Cultural Hauptstadt, Philly    Live Arts.

    2009      •   33 hours: import export. TQW open jam. Insel 8.

    2008      •   Performance training. Tanzquartier Wien. Workshop for non dancers.

       2006      •   A.D.E.P.T. First master class in training program for emerging teachers. Utah.

  2002-05      •  Bytom, Poland. Week long workshops and dance training for youth.

  2004-05      Dance in high schools, Salt Lake City Utah.


        2015      TQW. Residency.

                    • Collaboration with Alan Cienki, Cognitive Linguistis in movement.

       2013-15  AMCH Masters Choreography.

          2014      8:Tension Residency. 3 weeks for Moving Around X.

         • Coventry Practice as Research Conference. Love is an Action paper presented.

          2013      •  TQW. Residency for Moving Around X

          2012      •  TQW. Independent Research on Cognitive Sci and dance.

           •  LM Residency. Theatre Combinat. Wien. Austria

           •  Intersection of Art and Neuroscience. With Guido Orgs. TQW.     

                     •  FAR. Festival of Art as Research. Ottersberg, Germany.

         •  Arizona State University. Research and development of ‘Technologies of Love’

         2011     Care Blanche. The Place London. Modul Dance.

         • Dance. ID residency. Pinkafeld Austria.

        2010     • Turbo Impulstanz. Researching two choreographic works with mentors

Ivo Dimchev and Keith Hennessy.

        2008     •  Turbo Residency with BRUT, part of Imagetanz.

2007•  PAIN.org Solo Research Residency. Bruxelles, Belgium

              •  Davis Freeman Experimental theatre workshop. Le Bains:connective. Belgium.

      2005      •   National Conference of Undergraduate Research. USA.

Opening student speaker for Plenary speech on dance research & presented 2          works.

2003   Independent Study.

Created and researched two projects while living in Wien, Austria. 

  Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program Assistantship.

    The first artistic research assistantship given to a student at the University

of Utah. I conducted research on the choreographer and performer relationship, finding individual motivations to move, specific for each dancer. I choreographed several pieces, investigating the differences working with a solo performer and an ensemble, with varying means of motivation. In addition, faculty member Meghan Durham was commissioned to set a solo on myself, in order to have first hand experience as the choreographer and performer.

Dance/Performance Training:

     2002-’14Impulstanz. Vienna, Austria.

ProSeries: Alain Buffard, Ko Murobushi.

   Coaching Projects: Penny Arcade, Andrew Harwood, Philippe Riera,

Peter Stamer, Philipp Gehmacher, Jan Ritsema.

Workshops: Keith Hennessy, Sri Louis, Archie Burnett,

Howard Katz Fireheart, Chrysa Parkinson,  Mark Lorimer,

Milton Myers, David Zambrano, Simone Aughterloney, Koko Koffi,

Gavin Webber, Antony Rizzi. Rasmus Ölme, Alva Noë, Miguel Guiterrez, David Hernandez, Ori Flomin.

2010Deborah Hay.  Practicing performance. TQW

2007 La Raffinerie, Danse Centrum Jette, Studio Hybrid. Bruxelles, Belgium.

Anton Lachky, Martin Kilvady, Salvador Sanchis, Inaki Azpillaga, Rasmus Ölme, Bud Blumenthal. 

Virgillio Sieni. Workshop. B.B.   

Davis Freeman. Theatre workshop. LeBain:connective. B.B.          

2006Deborah Hay.  Solo Performance Performance Commissioning Project. UK.

   2000-’05University of Utah:  BFA Modern Dance

Contemporary dance, Graham, Improvisation, Composition,

Percussion & music, Dance history, Kinesiology, Movement & culture,

Integrative Arts & Media, Costuming, Lighting design, Contemporary views.

      1999-05     American College Dance Festival.

Workshops: Keith Johnson, Montreal Danse, Kathy Casey, Stephen Koester,

      2002-’04Internat’l Contemporary Dance Conference & Performance Festival, Bytom, Poland.

Coaching Project: Jacek Luminski, Paul Ibey.

1998-2000      Bowling Green State University.

Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Ballroom.

Toledo Ballet School for the Arts.

Company class, Pas de deux.

Other Training:

Yoga: D’ana Baptiste Studios.

Feldenkrais: Tommy St. Cyr.

Akido: J.A. Valladares.

Tai-Chi: Vera Kasicharernvat.

Congo: Mabiba Baegne.

Capoeira: Mauro ‘Jamaiki’ Romualdo.

Musical Theatre:

    1999   Guys and Dolls. (dancer) Bowling Green State University. Ohio.

   A Christmas Carol (dancing violinist) Toledo Repertoire Theatre. Ohio.

    1998   Jesus Christ Superstar (dance captain) Toledo Repertoire Theatre. Ohio.

   A Christmas Carol (dancer) Toledo Repertoire Theatre. Ohio.

Grants and Scholarships:

       2014-15BKA. International Dance Education Stipend. 11,000.

2014     MA7. City of Wien. A waiting dog.  Moving Around X 18,000

            2013    BKA. Outstanding Recognition Scholarship. 3,000.

       2013-14    BKA. International Dance Education Stipend. 11,000.

2013    MA7. City of Wien. A waiting dog.  Tertiary. 16,000

            2012    MA7. City of Wien. A waiting dog. A General Theory of Love 10,000.

2008Brut, Imagetanz with city of Wien, sponsored 3,000.

2006Utah Arts Council with the NEA. National Endowment for the Arts.

Emerging Artist Grant. Awarded $500.

2003Grant written to Fine Arts Advisory Board for four students to attend the

National Conference of Undergraduate Research 2005. Awarded $900.

2002The Nagoya Scholarship for studying dance in Poland. International

Center. Univ. of Utah. Awarded $1,000.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program Assistantship. $1,200.

Recipient of the Fine Arts house scholarship. Declined $2,000.

Grant written to Fine Arts Advisory Board for two students to perform

Honya Holm’s reconstruction in New York City. Awarded $1,620.

Grant written to the Fine Arts Advisory Board for three students to

perform in Poland. Awarded: $2,400.

Grant written to Dean of Fine Arts for reimbursement for monies spent participating and performing in IX AICDCPF. Awarded $1.550.

Summer Projects Scholarship. Department of Modern Dance. Univ. of

Utah. Awarded: $1,000.

2001George Thomas University of Utah academic scholarship. Awared $1,400.

Dance Administration:

2012-15   President of verein ‘ A waiting dog.’ Vienna. Austria.

Responsiblities: Grant writing, Project development, publicity and promotion, book keeping.

           2008/09    BART. Secretary for emerging young artists group in Vienna, Austra.

2006   Administrative Director and Artist Director of ONLY. Grant writing,

marketing development, press release writing, advertising and promotion, organizing fundraisers, set construction.

  2005Program Designer. Modern Dance Senior Concert. University of Utah.

  2004Graphic Designer for production company WithoutWhichNothing.

Workshop on Art Management. XI AICDCPF. Bytom, Poland.

2003   Organized the partnership between the University of Utah and the X

AICDCPF in Bytom, Poland, arranging the performance of three works by Chia-Chi  Chiang and organized volunteer teaching projects within the city.

2002Developed the International Cultural Dance and Performance

2005 Organization through the student union at the University of Utah.