Showing May 30, 31, & June 1, 2013   

RAUM 33 / Laxenburgerstr. 28-30 1100 Wien


TERTIARY examines how the building blocks of empathy become a visual-tactile tool connecting the performers to each in other in the same way they connect to the audience.  In neuroscientific theories, the borders between where one person stops and another begins are blurred. There are no interacting minds or brains but only interacting bodies or persons.

Before pro-social concern or compassion, empathy exists as stimulated neurons allowing us to mentalize and share experiences of those around us.  It is suggested people with autism or sociopaths lack these brain functions that allow us for example, to feel with our eyes. ‘Watching is like feeling’ is a neuroscientific claim that TERTIARY puts to the test.  By using psychological and physical circumstances, the delicate trio that explores how dynamic movement can allow us to witness a person's conceptual thoughts through movement.

Concept: Michael O'Connor

Choreography & Performance: Raul Maia, Michael O'Connor, Karin Pauer

Sound: Alexander Kasses

Production: a waiting dog

Production Manager: Claire Granier

Supported by: Wien Kultur, Raum 33, BMUKK, TanzQuartier Wien, theatercombinat, Mumbling Fish.

photos Georg Scheu

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C. Georg Scheu