After Michael O’Connor’s previous work, TERTIARY, was nominated for the prestigious Prix d’Jardin award in the 8:tension series at ImpulsTanz festival this summer, he now premieres his newest exploration at Mo.ë. As one of the few students involved in the Masters of Choreography program in Amsterdam, O’Connor steps away from the conventional theatre and explores the use of metaphor in a surreal duet with Viennese dancer Karin Pauer. This performance is the latest step in his interest to combine theories of cognitive science and practices of performance.

What is the quality of your thought? What is the rope-ness of a rope?Moving Around X, is a performance event focusing on a psycho-geography of our poetic understandings. The space becomes a virtual metaphorical landscape and its possible to see our language in action. Thoughts run slowly between my legs. Time parts my lips and presses on my tongue. Love is a movement with no smell.

X Is not the unknown. Instead it is a known subject matter that is constantly shifting and changing, presenting itself in different forms. Austrian dancer Karin Pauer works again with Viennese based choreographer Michael O’Connor, in a surreal duet that guides the audience to new realities by reshaping metaphor. If we had different bodies, we would have different thoughts.

Concept: Michael O’Connor

Choreography / Performance: Michael O’Connor, Karin Pauer

Music: Alexander Kasses

Stage Design: Alexander Jackson Wyatt

Dramaturgical Advice: Guy Cools

Production Assistance: Eva Jankowsky

Production: A waiting dog

Support: Kultur Wien MA7, ImpulsTanz, AMCH Theatre School


30 & 31 October, and 1 November, 2014



Thelemangasse 4/1-3, 1170 Wien

Moving Around X creates an experience that makes tangible how fragile is the relationship between reality and perception.- Helmut Ploebst Der Standard.

With Moving Around X, O’Conor more than accomplishes everything one could  hope for in a contemporary dance piece.- Michaela Preiner European Cultural News

photos Georg Scheu

C. Georg Scheu