The PArk



The PArk was made as something to witness.  An experience between the audience, choreographer and performer that is not about choreography.  It is about what a performer will do when she is given the direction to ‘do what she feels’ and honor that feeling within the parameter of a performance.  The performance becomes the parameter and the parameter becomes diluted by the audience making it a performance.  Yet the performer still has her story, her desires to share, either from her own ambition as an artist, an entertainer,  or because the audience is able to witness a human in utmost vulnerability, which ironically came from the goal of being in the utmost control.

night before the premiere

“This is quite the fucking conundrum you gave me,” -Danell to Mike

“It seems it is the dance that can’t be danced,”

-Mike to Danell

“Great, thanks,” -Danell to Mike

“Yes, just don’t fuck it up,”  Mike to Danell


So on Tuesday night, I watched the goose pop in a CD of Jim Morrison.  He appeared to be slightly confused yet persistent, curious and greedy at the same time.  I didn’t even know what was about to happen and I didn’t know who was even feeding her.  I was curious myself what she would do, so I sat down to watch.

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