founded in 2006, a waiting dog, is the creating company behind Michael O’Connor and has produced

2017    Lines of Thought (Dance for camera)

2017    Thought as a Rope

2016    Untitled Thoughts

2015    Moving Around X: the x of y

2014    Moving Around X

2013    TERTIARY

2012   A General Theory of Love

2011    You are the subject of my seeing

2011    NEWS

2008    a waiting dog dies

2008    The PArk

2006    Only



A Waiting Dog:


Michael O’Connor

Esther Steinkogler

Collaborative Partners:

Guy Cools

Samuel Feldhandler

Raul Maia

Elizabeth Ward

Alexander Kasses

Martin Schwab

Karin Pauer

Eva Jankovsky

Alan Cienki

Claire Granier

Brandon Gonzalez

Inertia DeWitt

Michael Turinsky

Georg Scheu